Marc H. Richman, ScD, PE Services

Forensic and Expert Witness Service

When you require an investigation into a matter which may have the potential for litigation or you are already involved in litigation, Marc H. Richman, ScD, PE offers forensic engineering services for both plaintiffs and defendants in civil litigation and for the both the prosecution and defense in criminal matters.

We provide pre-trial services as well as expert testimony at trial. Dr. Richman has testified at over 150 depositions and 175 trials in his career.

Forensic Engineering Investigations

When you need to know what caused a personal injury, a motor vehicle accident, an explosion, a fire, a structural failure or a defectively manufactured or defectively designed product, Marc H. Richman, ScD, PE offers forensic engineering services to provide you with the answer you require.

Failure Analysis

When a part fails (breaks) and you need to know why it failed, Marc H. Richman, ScD, PE offers both non-destructive and destrive failure analysis, fractography, metallography, and other techniques to give you the answer you need

Fire Cause and Origin

When you need to know whether a fire was the result of arson, accidental causes such as electrical short circuiting, appliance failure, or an explosion, Marc H. Richman, ScD, PE offers services to answer your questions as to whether the fire was set or caused by accident, whether a gas explosion caused the fire or whether the fire caused a gas explosion. We can answer your questions.

Tutoring and Engineering Education

Marc H. Richman, Sc.D., P.E. offers tutoring services to high school and college students in mathematics, calculus, chemistry, physics, engineering, and study skills on a one to one basis in hopes of improving the science, technology, and engineering materials (STEM) of students in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts areas.

Students desiring tutoring help should call Dr. Richman at 401-751-9656 and book tutoring sessions (afternoon, evening, and weekends.

He is also offering teaching assistance to students and faculty in undergraduate engineering topics. He is currently working on a new textbook for freshman engineering students, a book which motivates and teaches first year students without lowering educational standards.

When the text is ready, it will be made available by download from this website without charge.

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